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What is your area? The area you wish would go away or return to its original natural beauty. Is it two chins where there should be only one, a wide turn where there should be a tight curve or so-called “love-handles” around your abdomen. Perhaps it is arms that seem to flap in a brisk breeze, y-chromosome breasts, or other areas of localized fat that no amount of diet or exercise seem to budge.

Or maybe your face is in need of a little “tune up” or lift to return the beauty of a time you think may have passed you by. Possibly you look in a mirror and see sunken eyes that make you look tired, down turned lips that cause an angry look when you’re not, jowls, bags or any number of things that distract from your inner beauty.

From time to time, you might think a surgical lift, liposuction, or another daily hour on the treadmill is the answer. The really good news is that medical technological advances over the last few years are making available an abundance of alternatives. Now you can look like you should without the inherent risk of surgery and with little or no downtime.


To remove localized fat deposits, we use a variety of advanced technologies, including SlimLipo laser lipolysis, VASER LipoSelection and Body-Jet liposuction. All of these technologies are FDA-approved, state-of-the-art procedures to reduce stubborn fat deposits. SlimLipo is even more advanced than the original Smartlipo. SlimLipo uses dual wavelengths to tighten while targeting fat cells more directly than the original Smartlipo. SlimLipo is nothing short of astonishing for reducing and tightening areas like flabby arms, flabby thighs, love handles, double chins, etc.

SlimLipo is laser-assisted lipolysis that requires only a tiny incision and no suturing. SlimLipo delivers energy directly to subcutaneous fat cells, liquifying and vaporizing the fat cells. The SlimLipo dual laser coagulates tissue which induces collagen and tightens skin.

VASER deploys advanced ultrasound technology to emulsify fat deposits. Body-Jet provides immediate results and removes larger areas of fat deposits. All three technologies produce destruction of fat cells that are taken from the body forever. A huge benefit of SlimLipo, Body-Jet and VASER is the downtime and risk of traditional liposuction surgery is dramatically reduced. For more information on the benefits of SlimLipo, Body-Jet and VASER, please see our Advanced Liposuction Technologies section.


For those who desire additional tightening, an even less invasive solution, or seek tightening without reduction, you might consider the Thermage non surgical tightening solution.

Thermage is an FDA-approved, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that tightens sagging skin, while it stimulates your skin to rebuild collagen in the treated area. Thermage tightens and renews your skin's collagen with a unique monopolar, Capacitive Radiofrequency (CRF) technology that safely heats the skin’s deep under layer and the web of collagen in the inner layer, causing tightening, with improved tone and texture. It is the gold standard for non-invasive tightening, providing enduring results with only one or two treatments.

Thermage is also an effective adjunct to our non-surgical face lift procedures. See our Thermage page for more information about this non-surgical skin tightening solution.


If you suffer from any number of facial imperfections, such as sunken eyes, eyelid hooding, bags, down turned lips, jowls, sunken drawn features--or have just lost some of your natural allure--you might want to consider a liquid face lift.

In a liquid face lift, advanced dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic are used to provide a gentle, gradual and natural lift to sagging facial features. Internationally, hundreds of thousands of liquid face lifts have been performed for several years.

In the U.S., non-surgical full facial rejuvenation is relatively new because the more advanced fillers have only recently been approved by the FDA for cosmetic facial procedures. Yet we have seen some results that are nothing short of astonishing.

A liquid face lift can be a safe, effective alternative to surgery. Or if plastic surgery is necessary, a liquid face lift can augment your surgical results to make them look more natural. A liquid face lift can help you look more healthy, revitalized and happy. For detailed information about the liquid face lift procedure, see our Liquid Face Lift section.

Joan M. Hardt, M.D. was at the forefront of the liquid face lift and full facial rejuvenation techniques in this region of the country.

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