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Urinary incontinence (UI) interrupts your life and causes embarrassment. Often unpredictable, UI can turn a cough, sneeze, or laugh into a leakage issue. This loss of bladder control may lead you to feel like your life revolves around finding the nearest bathroom.

You aren’t alone. According to the Office on Women’s Health, more than 4 in 10 women over the age of 65 suffer from UI. With the new Emsella treatment by BTL, you have a comfortable, non-invasive way to treat stress and urge incontinence.

Call 405-842-1100 to schedule your free initial Emsella consultation with experienced physician Joan Hardt, M.D. At Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center, we proudly help women from Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, and other nearby areas of Oklahoma take control of their intimate health and wellness.

How Does Emsella Work?

Weak pelvic floor muscles can’t support your pelvic organs, leading to poor bladder control. Emsella works by stimulating your pelvic floor muscles with thousands of gentle contractions. This stimulation helps you regain control over those muscles and your bladder.

Shaped like a comfortable chair, this FDA-approved feminine rejuvenation device works while you are fully clothed. It utilizes safe and effective High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field (HIFEM) technology to tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor. All you need to do is sit down.

Candidates For Emsella

Emsella is an excellent solution for women of any age who want relief from their UI. The best way to learn if you are a candidate for Emsella is to schedule a complimentary initial consultation with Dr. Hardt.

Emsella might be right for you if you:

  • Have stress incontinence
  • Have urge incontinence
  • Want to improve the quality of your life
  • Are looking for a non-invasive solution to UI
woman with urinary incontinence

What To Expect From Your Emsella Treatment

Sessions typically take 30 minutes. You will experience tingling and muscle contractions, which women tend to report as comfortable or pleasant. You are free to relax during your visit by reading a book or magazine. After your session, you can immediately resume your normal activities. Emsella requires no downtime. You will likely need six sessions, at intervals of two sessions per week. However, your treatment plan may vary. You might start to notice an improvement in your urinary incontinence after one session.

Emsella Vs. Kegels

Women are often advised to perform Kegel exercises to combat UI. However, frequently tensing your pelvic floor muscles can be a hassle. As this exercise works differently for every woman, it may not be enough to provide you with relief. What’s more, many women have trouble isolating the correct muscles when attempting to perform Kegels.

With Emsella, you are essentially experiencing roughly 12,000 Kegels in 30 minutes. That is far more than you could perform on your own. This amazing device is the first of its kind.

Schedule Your Free Emsella Consultation In OKC

Don’t let your bladder control your life. Call 405-842-1100 to schedule your Emsella consultation with Dr. Hardt. Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center serves Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, and other nearby areas of Oklahoma.


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